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Opening up to his own life

Gábor Kozslik (37), lawyer by education, left everything behind and followed his adventure seeking soul which, after several years of travelling, living and working abroad, led him to himself. His life is shaped by adventure, love, spirituality and curiosity.

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From marketing back to Tibetan language studies

Matteo De Micheli after studying Mandarin language started a career in marketing at a multinational company in Shanghai. After some years of work he is returning back to studies again planning with a future career path in the academic field.

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Career changes

I have already made the mistake of committing to a career and feeling stuck on that path. I am not going to do that again.

Chris Jackson, career changer
Melinda, the person behind Cup of changer 


Melinda, a career changer herself, is a digital storyteller and an interviewer who trained herself as a life-story and transformation coach. She is the founder of Cup of Changer, a company that helps people to truly understand their own life and career story, so that they can gain more clarity in their life.

She continously conducts interviews all around the world with career changers and became a guide in life-stories. 


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Cup of life-story

The “Cup of life story” is a one-on-one program that combines guided life-story interviews and coaching. The aim is to help you reach your potential by rewriting persistent life stories you tell yourselves that keep you in a rut or playing out the same life scripts over and over again.

Plan forward

One-on-one coaching is for you if you have a goal in your mind but are unclear about how to reach it. You also consider an accountability partner would help you to achieve it. It offers clarity, direction, and progress in your goal.

Because career changers are " good enough to care and brave enough to act", I have partnered with the Land Art Association to build the forest of career changers. As my gratitude to the Changers, for each story I share on this website, one square meter of forest is planted in Transylvania.
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