• As a child, you never really had any specific passion. 
  • You were not convinced what to study.
  • You were performing okay in the jobs after your studies but never really felt enthusiastic.
  • You built up a career, already have some knowledge in a specific field, and now you think it is too late to change.
  • Even if you would like to change, you do not really know the direction.
  • You are afraid of getting it wrong again.
  • You have fears.
  • You feel alone with all this.

I am Melinda, and the list above feels very familiar to me. Frustrated by my own situation and feelings, I started reaching out to people who believed in themselves and changed careers. Their stories are very inspiring to me. In lots of them, I recognize myself in a way or another. They shed light on my fears, made me think about my own life, but at the same time gave me incredible strength and inspiration. Now everywhere I travel, I conduct interviews with career changers. 

We are unique, yes, and we are similar in so many ways. My mission with this collection of interviews is to inspire you, too. 

Find the similarities, the ones that resonate with you, build up your courage, and go after your change, as I did.